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Updated AUGUST 19, 2000:  Starting back in 1979, I hosted an annual Halloween costume party. Given my interest in comics (and given that a number of my friends shared that interest), over the years we started to get a LOT of comic-related Halloween costumes. Here are a few of them. 

Some time soon, I'll try to post more costume pics, as well as reproductions of the invitations that I created for the party each year.

THE COMEDIAN VS. THE PUNISHER. Yeah, the gray in my hair was fake then. Anyway, without planning it, both Dan Jurgens and I turned up as gun-totin', violent "heroes" back in 1986. THE NEW JUSTICE LEAGUE? No, I guess not, although this is a line-up that they haven't tried yet. That's Dan Jurgens as Guy Gardner, Ann Merrill as Katma Tui, Susan Schaffhausen as Supergirl, Ron Nesbitt as Rorschach, and Mark Luebker as a portly, bearded Captain Marvel. I think this was 1987.

SPIDER-SICLE! When Steve Ditko originally designed the Spider-Man costume, he figured "...a clinging power, so he wouldn't have hard shoes or boots..." Well, Obviously, Ditko never went out in the snow just wearing his socks! That's me in the costume, back in 1981 when the weather around Halloween was less than ideal. STRANGE DAYS, INDEED. At one point, I figured that the best disguise I could come up with would be one that involved shaving my beard--after all, I'd had it since I was sixteen. So in 1982, I gave it a shot, and portrayed one of my other favorite Ditko characters. Clea is Susan Schaffhausen, my then-girlfriend.

WHEN TITANS CLASH... ER, MARRY! Ever wonder what might have happened if Captain Marvel had married Supergirl, and they settled down in Indiana to raise a family? I'm convinced it would look a lot like this. Kathleen as Superwoman, Emmy as the masked Supertoddler, Rosie as Punkin' Marvel and that's me wearing red sweat pants (because the Spandex™ didn't feel comfy any more). BETTER THAN KEATON? Well, that's Todd McKeever in the Batman suit--if I recall corectly, his mom helped him make it. Maybe she should have been doing the costumes for the Batman movies, eh? And yes, I retouched his eye-holes for a more authentic look.
THE SPIDER AND THE CANARY! Actually it's me and my first wife dressed up for one of our first dates--a Halloween Party--back in 1980. She was a pretty good sport about wearing comic-related costumes, as long as I came up with them and made them.