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From the Studio 1050 Vaults
Click the thumbnail images below to see a larger versions of each picture.  

All of these pics were scanned and cleaned up a little. The urge to tinker is not one that I can easily resist, so in a couple of places I also replaced deteriorated dry transfer lettering or hastily-done hand-lettering with computer lettering. In order to be more-or-less true to the originals, I only used fonts that I also had as sheets of Chartpak and Letraset dry transfer lettering, way back when.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to view a handful of contemporaneous self-portraits, if you want some idea of who the guy drawing this stuff might have been. And yeah, I relettered the Christmas card sketch there, too.

Looking back at all of these makes me kind of wistful--I haven't picked up a pencil or pen and done any real drawing in probably 15 years.

This was one of the first posters I did when I started freelancing back in late 1976. I'm pretty sure that I swiped the figure from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1.
This one was from the early eighties, and is obviously patterned after the cover of my all-time favorite, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #33.
This was actually a mock comic cover that ran in a 1979 ad for Greg "Dreamhaven" Ketter's old store. We listed it as a "Bid Item: Perfect copy, $600 min. If we get a bid, we'll start drawing!"

This was one that I did shortly after I discovered the wonderful  Marshal Rogers/Terry Austin version of Batman in DETECTIVE COMICS.

I retouched this one a little to make it look the way I intended it to be, with the Boom Co. logo and map reversed out. Heavily inspired by Mike Kaluta.
Another Spider-Man job, but this time for myself, as the invitation to the annual Halloween bash. And yes, that's me in the costume. It was COLD on that roof!

This one is from all the way back to the fall of 1976, before I started freelancing--probably one of the last times I drew just for the heck of it. Kinda trite, but there are a lot of influences hanging out where you can see them here!