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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29th:  Well, I finally was able to get back to my computer to update this gallery. So after a much-too-long delay, Frank Pavlick now takes his place among the faces here! 

It seems as though we have a number of new list members (or lurkers who have come out of hiding) on the list these days, so if any of you folks would like to send along your pics for this gallery, I'll see if I can get them posted in a more timely manner. 

Also, I've added the URLs to a number of listers' Websites beneath the pics. If there are others that I should add (or if yours is here and you'd rather it wasn't) let me know!

Keith Badowski
"The Bearded Poet"
Teaching Chimps Accordion
 Daniel Israel
Dan's Home on the Web
 Barbara Bretton
 Steve Cohen
 Gerald So
The Spensarium 
eGroups Page
 Mark Luebker
Who's Your Favorite Spenser?
 D.T. Kelly
 Jeff Hoyle
The According to Hoyle Home Page
 Iain Campbell
 Bob Ames
Bullets and Beer
Frank Pavlick