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Serena's Past and Future

I know about Serena' past AND future. Ooo, spoooookyy!! ... just read. ^-^;

PAST: In Serena's past, she was Princess Serenity. Princess of the moon. She was in love with Endymion. Prince of the Earth. The Moon Family did not want Serenity to see Endymion. They kept seeing each other against their family's orders. Then, the earth turned against the moon people. Queen Beryl came out with the people. She brought a sword with her. She brought the sword over her head, and brought it down towards Serenity! Endymion stood in front of Serenity, he was hit with the sword instead of Serenity! He fell to the ground and died. Then The Sword of the Silver Millennium appeared. Sailor Venus took the sword and killed Beryl. Serenity took Beryl's sword and killed herself.Queen Serenity sent everyone to earth to be reborn and meet. Then the Queen dies for forever.

—The End ... NOT!!

Serena & Endymion in their past
Neo-Queen Serenity
FUTURE: In Serena's future, she becomes Neo-Queen Serenity. She marries Endymion, and he becomes King Endymion. Together they rule Crystal Tokyo. They have one daughter named Serenity.(Rini for short.^-^) Crystal Tokyo is a peaceful place until the Nega Moon attacked. They have a crystal too. The Black Poison Crystal. They planted th crystal on the moon and the people started to die. Neo-Queen Serenity froze in the Silver Impirium Crystal.She lay there until the Nega  Moon is destroyed.


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