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Hi Tom & Gail--

I snagged all of these pictures--from eBay--of Japanese Sailor Moon merchandise that ISN'T available over here. Obviously we aren't looking for EVERYTHING on this page (although the bedding would be at the top of our list), and I'm sure Rosie would also be interested in stuff that we don't show here and haven't even heard of, but which might be available over there.

But if you happen to see or are able to find any of this (or stuff like it) it would be GREATLY appreciated!

This is some of the Sailor Moon bedding that's been around on eBay, but going for ridiculously high prices--more than $150 for some of it. But just about ANY twin-sized Sailor Moon bedding would be great, and if they have them, the little window topper curtain as well.

These are the kinds of notebooks we've seen--never here, of course. But again, they wouldn't have to be precisely these--anything like them that's Sailor Moon would be appreciated.

 This is a much fancier doll than is available here--if you happen to see one like it, that would also be something special that we couldn't get for her here. One thing I ought to mention--there are a bunch of "Sailor Scouts," but the only one that Rosie is interested in (for dolls and what-not) is Sailor Moon herself. She's the blonde with the long pony tails and also goes by the names: "Sera Myu," "Usagi," "Bunny," and "Serena." What makes THIS doll particularly cool is that it's a later version than what's on TV now, with a fancier costume.

Stuff like this plate/chopsticks set would be cool as well.(Rosie iand Emmy are actually pretty good with chopsticks--their daddy makes Chinese--or at least the Indiana version of Chinese--food pretty regularly.)

Left to right are a small dollhouse set, the 2001 Calendar and a model kit. 

Note: On the model kits there seem to be two kinds--some VERY expensive ones and some that come in at around $10-20 US. We'd be looking for the less expensive ones, and again, only of Sailor Moon herself, not the other "Sailor Scouts."