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Sailor Moon
Name: Serena (also Usagi or Bunny)
Born: June 30th
Age: 14
Favorite colors: Red & white
Favorite food: Ice cream
Least favorite food: Anything healthy for her
To pass time: eating & sleeping
Favorite subject: Home ec. (food, food, FOOD!)
Least favorite subject: all the rest
Role: Leader
Future self: Queen Serenity

Serena is a... er.... nice... no... *idea* different kid. ^-^; Here is this MEATBALL HEAD kid who is CHAMPION OF JUSTICE!? Serena has a cat named Luna, and bad grades in school. Here are some rules to follow.

#1--Don't make her mad! (She might become SAILOR MOON!)
#2--DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT let her cook!
#3--Don't try to make her study, she can always get out of it.

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