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Tuesday, March 6, 2001:   Well, Scott and Brianne Sheaffer are now officially in the Gallery—the second married couple to show up on the list (and the Gallery), although John A. and Linda L. don't show up very often any more.  John Gentil also gets his face up on the wall, but it's not the one he originally sent, which was him at around age eight. And Seth Harding's mug shot has been restored to the glorious color in which it was originally sent. 

I was thinking I might have to move someone down from the "Now Playing" section to the "MIA" section, since John is all by his lonesone in that bottom row.  Some of the old regulars seem to have withdrawn from participating, so maybe one or more of them could be moved. Or maybe someone else will send in a pic.  I think Omari is the newest member, but he hasn't actually had anything to say yet, so it may be premature to start hounding him for a photo. Among those who seem to be participating regularly, I guess that leaves Dusty. 

Whatever we do, the gallery is still open, so if you aren't represented below (but think that you oughta be) contact me privately or just send your pic to my e-mail address.

And now that Brianne has her new page up, let me ask again: Does anyone want to post links to your own web pages here?  Let me know!    (MSL)

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