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Here's an installment of the "Nite Timer" biweekly comic strip that Greg O'Malley and I did back in the late '70s.

GREG: It's my personal favorite, even more than our later finale and swansong "Epic Christmas Edition".  It's a bit of a chore to read, but the Kirby comes right at you.

Aside from being our tribute to Jack Kirby, it was also our affectionate sendoff to the soon to be defunct COMPLEAT ENCHANTER comic book shop in Minneapolis.  Their lease expired and would not be renewed, to make way for a 
storefront church.  I'm afraid that we were a bit hard on the parishioners, but hey, there are SO MANY churches and SO FEW comic book shops!

This is the first and only time I have ever been involved with a comic in which JESUS makes an appearance!

MARK: Me too. As they used to say about Superman, he's too powerful to have much of a story built around him. My attitude toward religious groups varies according to the group and to how they behave. As I recall, this was a "Jesus freak" outfit, and they'd determined that a comic store was, by definition, immoral. (BTW, for anyone who keeps up with such stuff, Greg Ketter, now owner of Dreamhaven and publisher of Neil Gaiman, owned that shop. He's the one in the last panel with his chin on his hand.)

In this particular installment, Greg and I did the plotting (such as it is) together, I came up with the panel breakdowns and the rough script, and Greg polished it up. He always had a way with words that brought them to life, while I tended to be a little more pedestrian. Then Greg lettered the whole thing--I had no real affinity for lettering, but LOVED how much more professional these things looked with someone with talent did that--and it looks to me as though we BOTH had a hand in the inking. 

I have printed copies of all of these SOMEPLACE around here, and when I can (first) find them, and then find the time, I'll scan and post them in order. (Seth says weoughta color them as well--whaddaya think, Greg? We never really worked out what color ANY of that stuff was supposed to be, not even the main character's costume.)