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Photo Album
Back in 1973, my buddy Jim and I hitch-hiked out to NYC for the annual Phil Seuling-organized New York Comic Art Con. I was 18, so this was pretty much the nature of the sleeping accommodations that my budget could stand. (I took 60 bucks with me, and we were on the road for a total of three weeks.)
Here's a better look at Heidi Saha's Vampirella costume, between Ming the Merciless and Darkseid and DeSaad. I'm pretty sure these were the winners, although there was a guy there who was a DEAD RINGER for J. Jonah Jameson, who I think should have won some kind of award. For some reason I never got his picture though. Another look at Heidi Saha as 
Vampirella. This was waiting for an elevator up to the mezzanine level. You have to credit the girl's courage, walking around a convention full of comic fans in such a minute costume, and especially boarding an elevator with a handful of them!
Some of the lesser costumes--a mustachioed Captain Marvel, Jr., a dark-haired Flash Gordon, a bland-looking Joker, and a young, but authentic-looking Two Face. This is the most detail I've ever seen on this pic--I enlarged it when I scanned it.
That's Roy Thomas, with his "corn-silk hair" on the far left, a couple of unidentified women in front, and between them Barry (pre-Windsor) Smith. You can't fully appreciate that suit he's wearing in black and white--it was white linen, with emerald green trim. I got the impression that he would have enjoyed being a rock star, because he sure acted like one. A moment later I got the classic hand in the lens to keep me from taking any more photos of him. I caught up with MAD MAGAZINE (and EC Comics) publisher Bill Gaines int he dealers room. Love those trousers! This guy had to be the most approachable and unpretentious publisher I ever met. Above is a kind of fuzzy look at a bunch of the costumes that were in the costume contest. (Why is it that cons don't seem to have those anymore?) There were two Vampirellas there--the infamous Heidi Saha (over on the far right, with a bat prop perched on her hand) and another (front and center) who was said to be an exotic dancer over on Times Square someplace.